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You being unique is the gift that you truly are.

True. We are all one but we all have different flavours. The uniqueness is the gift that you are to this wonderful planet. Surprisingly, the very difference of you has been defined as the wrongness of you. By whom? Whom have you given authority to?

Be the beautiful weird different being that you truly are and rejoice every moment of life. Celebration is life. This however is not superficial but simply a way of living. The bliss and the love that you are. Question is how to be that when there are so many points of views all around us which define us and limit us. Yes, these points of views are what binds you from being who you truly are. The simplest way is acknowledging all point of views as just an interesting point of views and not letting it become your belief, your reality.

Having said that, it is also important to realize your limitless state of being and this is where meditation plays an important role. Again, meditation is not something you do few minutes of the day but be that awareness throughout the day. It may take time but that’s your true nature. You are awareness.

Many seekers on the path hold on to knowledge and adopt them as their point of views thus getting further caught up rather than becoming free. Purpose of knowledge is to make you hollow and empty and not stuff you with knowledge. Guru points you towards the light with the use of words but the truth cannot be expressed through words. It is beyond the mind to comprehend and only in stillness that one gets a glimpse of who they really are. Even when you experience the stillness that you are, seekers still tend to hold on to various point of views.

Ice cream is the same but the flavours are different. What is your unique flavour? The answer can only be found through your own awareness. Listen to your awareness. Listen to your body. Listen to your gut feeling. Don’t get caught up in the right, wrong, good and bad defined by the mind. Again, this does not mean being reckless in life but also not getting caught up by definitions. Realise that you are beyond concepts.

What wrongness have you defined of yourself that you are not willing to let go, which if you did, you would be free?


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