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The Potential of the Seed to Become the Tree

We see the impermanence of life all around us yet live life like it was a permanent stage. Learning from experiences in our own life and around us can itself bring about a transformation in one’s thinking. How to move beyond misery and impermanence of life? Do we even pause and think life beyond death? Or are we just afraid to die? Is it possible to die before you die and discover your true nature?

Prince Siddharth was raised in great luxury and shielded from knowledge of religion and human suffering. He had little experience of the world outside the walls of his opulent palace. At the age of 29, he experiences the countryside for the first time and is shocked by the sight of an aged man, then a sick man, and then a corpse. Finally, he sees a wandering ascetic who has renounced the world seeking release from fear, death and suffering. Four passing sights and how he renounces the luxuries and leaves behind his family to seek the truth and later be known as Lord Buddha is something to ponder on.

Even the realized ones come to this world as ignorant to show us the potential every human has within.

What are you holding on to and wouldn’t let go? We are entrained to never let go of our dreams. Hold them real tight. Is that the way you have been living your life? What would happen if you let go? Would it just past you by? Having a purpose in life and working towards it wholeheartedly yet living in complete surrender is just another choice? How do we know that life would not surprise us with a larger picture? Anyways how long can one really hold on to? The freedom is immense in letting go. Being in the world immersed in action yet letting go is freedom. Let go and be free.


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