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The Perfect Present Moment.

The thrill of being here now. Future tense or past tense getting you present tense?The past has gone and the future is yet to arrive. Now is only what is. These are the moments that we truly live. Infinite being in the absolute vastness of now.

The mind though just loves to oscillate between the two and weave stories. What will happen? What to do? Endless topics. Do they ever come true? Do you like them? Stop supplying energy to the lies. Be an observer. Be a witness. Watch the thoughts and it wouldn’t be long till you realise the patterns are the same and with passage of time they would tend to fizzle away.

The mind is like the merry go round jumping from one desire to another and finally reaching to a point where the journey itself started.

With every desire it pauses to give us the glimpse of the joy in the present moment just to return again to the never-ending list to give a glimpse again. Isn’t that the way to look at it?

If the object, people and situation gave us any happiness wouldn’t it be an everlasting phenomenon? Mind creates the body and the whole world for our entertainment yet yearns to be merge with the self.What do you choose? To be momentarily happy or everlasting joy.


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