The Optical Illusion

Looks so real. We all know that the whole universe is energy yet looks and feels real to our senses. Why is that? Is there a way we could see the world the masters have been talking through the ages? Wouldn’t it be just great to not get caught up in the worldly aversion and craving yet enjoy every moment of our life. Wouldn’t you like be at ease with what is and explore life. Wouldn’t you like to explore who you are? The universe that you are. The nothingness that is.

The story of Lord Rama and how the quest for truth led to enlightenment. Lord Rama when he returned from a pilgrimage seemed disinterested in any pleasure seeking and stayed away from company of people often introspecting the dissipation of life in various ways instead of striving to reach the supreme.

This is when Lord Rama meets sage Vasistha explaining the cause of his behaviour to the trend of thoughts robbing his hope in this world. What do people call happiness in this ever-changing world, Why the unreal mind running after the mirage,What’s the use of wealth, or relations or any use of kingdom or ambition in this ever-changing world and seeks knowledge to end this suffering. What follows is the teaching of sage Vasistha imparted to Lord Rama about the true understanding of this creation.

Hearing the words of wisdom, Lord Rama smiled at the idea of duality as the mind ceased and the world disappeared thus realizing his supreme and infinite nature. Such is the compassion of the Lord that He comes ignorant in this world to show us the various ways to reach the supreme.


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