The Miraculous Twin Coconut Tree

These twin coconut trees grow besides the salty sea in this beautiful tropical beach and gives us naturally packaged cool sweet drinking water in hot summer. But you may wonder this all the coconut trees do. Isn’t all that a miracle. Isn’t everything around us all filled with miracles.

A piece of bread transforms into the eye while the other piece becomes the ear or the nose. So, the man in the mirror is a designer & creator as we created our bodies exactly the way it is. Isn’t that a brilliant creation? Yet how many of us really admire our own creation and not blame it for the wrongness. Acknowledge your creation, whether it’s your money, your work, your relationships and everything else in your life.

Choose to be grateful for your body exactly how you’ve created it and keep being grateful until you have the peace, relaxation and calm that you and your body truly desire.

Being in gratitude for everything around us is always a choice. There are a million reasons to be joyous in everyday living. Relax. Watch the mind and be in the moment.


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