“Every human is unique filled with natural qualities which are tremendously beautiful and have the ultimate character of being eternal”

Our uniqueness is the very gift through which we can express ourselves and make a difference in this world. But this gift often gets floundered down the lane of life. Consciously and unconsciously, we gather rather thick layers of conditioning that buries our uniqueness or disallows us to manifest it, thereby eventually depriving us of our natural self. And the further we move away from ourselves, the further we misalign with the ‘nature’ within us that results in disillusionment, depressive states and even diseases.

“Being You” retreats offers you both figuratively and literally an abode where you begin to shed these layers to be more of you. Our holistic programme based on distilled spiritual knowledge offers powerful tools and techniques, by drilling deep into the inner being, unravel your core essence and thus realign the self with the natural axis of the being. They bring into your awareness the maladaptive styles of your living, followed by a radical transformation. Thus, the metamorphosis springing from and shaped by your enlightened awareness with the help of facilitation is powerful, root-deep and complete.

Life is a dance dualism. Forces of duality are present in the outer world as well within us. Take, for instance, the structure of our brain – the right side and the left side which respectively, perform tasks related to creativity and logic. Hence, for attaining harmony finding balance becomes imperative. Harmony is that vastly beautiful experience found at the crossroads of the extremes. Our retreat is a journey into the realm of balance and harmony so that you begin to hear the sound of silence and discover the joy of relationship while also loving yourself. You usher into that higher plane where the world and life unfold as a joyful play of opposites, celebrating the yin and yang.

“Being You” is a spiritual exploration of both the body and mind. While some of our techniques and activities engage you to communicate with your body, others lead you into higher, peaceful and blissful states of mind. We offer activities involving higher states of energy like martial arts, high-intensity music and dance with sessions of yoga, pranayama, meditation, painting and other art activities amid meditative silence which involving subtle energy fields impart a state of non-doership. Alongside physical activities, Ayurveda check-ups offer you insights into deeper intricacies of diet, health and physical body. As you receive personalized attention, you also experience the ‘joie de vivre` of group-tasks. You continually find yourself in a joyful realm engendered by the merger of the inner with the outer, a phenomenon constituting the essence of life.

Your body knows the answer. It yearns a return to its original state of health, well-being and high productivity. This return is possible, provided the right resources are available. The resources are internal and external – the internal being the strengths of your body, mind and spirit, while external is the facilitation required to clear the blocks which one by own self is unable to. The finest resource is stillness and thus the ultimate re-source because it puts us back in touch with the place from where life emerges.

By reaching this source in the deeper meditative state, the body is able to let go of the stories that hinder you being truly you or letting you just be. It’s only in this higher state of stillness that the healing happens; in the resting calm, the brain produces all drugs, chemicals, opiates, acids and lubricants required for our well-being and happiness. Through stillness, your body is able to restore itself into the natural way of beingness, and in doing so not only heals itself but also ushers into the ‘light’ of new awareness.

“Being You” is a joyful striving towards unraveling and realizing the true essence of your being, your existence. You being who you truly are is the most beautiful gift you can be. Have you wondered what holds you back from being who you truly are? The answer might not be readily available, yet the question is of paramount importance. Your encounter with the question and the subsequent reflection are indicative of your willingness to shed those moulds of thoughts that prevent you from being in your natural state. And to just be!

And yes, each busy day of “Being You” retreat ends with an evening of fun and celebration! If you like solitude, you may choose to wander on the golden beaches of Goa and watch the sun dip into the ocean. And, if you like festivities, you may consider being amid people and celebrate the world as is.

Consider this our personal invitation for “Being You” retreat. Wonder what magic can show up while you are here.

You being who you truly are is the most precious gift that you can be to this beautiful planet.


Team Anantas