The Journey of “Being You”

“Every human is unique filled with natural qualities which are tremendously beautiful and have the ultimate character of being eternal”

Our uniqueness is the very gift through which we can express ourselves and make a difference in this world. But this gift often gets floundered down the lane of life. Consciously and unconsciously, we gather rather thick layers of conditioning that buries our uniqueness or disallows us to manifest it, thereby eventually depriving us of our natural self. And the further we move away from ourselves, the further we misalign with the ‘nature’ within us that results in disillusionment, depressive states and even diseases.

When we are not complete, we try and hide our strongest emotion which shows up in the form of physical symptom. When physical symptoms do show up, its “normal” to eliminate them as they are treated as obstacle to achieve happiness. The manifestation of disease symptoms is part of the intelligent response of the body. Obsession to fight disease and eliminate symptoms without understanding the root cause reveals a basic mistrust of that intelligence.

The brain is God’s drug store having within all drugs, lubricating oils, opiates, acids and every drug that the wisdom of God thought necessary for human health and happiness – Dr A.T.Still. The motility expressed by brain is an important influence on the way these chemicals are produced and distributed.

When faced with stress tissues tend to contract as part of their natural protective response. If these contractions remain unresolved it results in prolonged states of inertia that restricts the flow of life. Inertial tissues influence many aspects of physiological functioning. Eg Muscle goes into contraction and remains in tension This can cause joint stiffness and also create tension in the surrounding connective tissues. This restriction may start to impinge on blood vessels reducing the circulation of arterial blood carrying oxygen and nutrients into the region. It may also interfere with the removal of waste products and toxins through the venous and lymphatic systems and cause disturbance in the flow of nerve impulses. This type of situation is considered to be a major precursor to the development of disease. When resources that support us to dissipate or adapt to stressful forces become overwhelmed. Disease occurs. Stillness is our source and ultimate resource.

“Stillness Healing”

Our source is stillness and thus the ultimate re- source because it puts us back in touch with the place from which life emerges.

This happens to be our real state of being and an all life phenomenon. The whole nature is still and yet this single most important aspect is missing from most human lives.

“Stillness healing” is being still, being present and providing the space for health to re- organize itself in best possible balance. The principle of treatment Is that healing essentially occurs within stillness rather than in motion. States of stillness provide an opportunity for the self-healing forces of the client to most easily come into play. Within this process of resourcing, an opportunity is provided to create a deeper connection to the wellspring of our inherent health and zest for life.

“Coaching & Facilitation”

During these sessions, apart from stillness healing, body intelligence is acknowledged and accordingly realignment to your own nature suggested while also facilitating gap in external resources.

External resources can be accessed through choosing a different possibility. Life is always about choice and possibilities. In the “Being You” session, limitations are cleared for new possibility to show up. Choose what you like and you get a glimpse of that light and your body mind system starts to align towards the new choice. Actions based on the knowledge of the existence of such a possibility, in the course of time, begin to manifest.

What point of views limit you from being who you truly are?

Is now the time to create the change you truly desire?

Would you like to get a breakthrough and move into a whole world of different possibility?

The concepts that you may have been conditioned with or the lies that you may have bought from just about anywhere holds up you from being and doing what you truly desire. The indecisive stuck like feeling and forced to follow the same patterns that has been driving you from eons.

Begin doing the undoing and feel the space showing up. Open yourself to the field of consciousness which just is with no point of views. Choosing for yourself a different possibility than you’ve ever been willing to have before.

Take your pick on any topic of your choice and be more at ease with what is. Your choice whether it’s more ease with money, health or towards happier relationships or choosing a different course in career or just being happy. Just about anything. You choose.

Choose what you like and you get a glimpse of that light and your body mind system starts to align towards the new choice. Actions based on the knowledge of the existence of such a possibility, in the course of time, begin to manifest.

Choose adventure. Choose life. Choose You.

Sessions offer you both figuratively and literally an abode where you begin to shed these layers to be more of you. These sessions are based on distilled spiritual knowledge and offers powerful tools and techniques, by drilling deep into the inner being, unravel your core essence and thus realign the self with the natural axis of the being. They bring into your awareness the maladaptive styles of your living, followed by a radical transformation. Thus, the metamorphosis springing from and shaped by your enlightened awareness with the help of facilitation is powerful, root-deep and complete.

You being who you truly are is the most precious gift that you can be to this beautiful planet.



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