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Purpose of knowledge is to set you free

Many seekers on the path think they have to become knowledgeable. To learn and know all the answers. To be right. To be good. The more advanced seeker you are the more you ought to know. They keep reading books after books. Learning and forming point of views about whatever they have to do in order to be spiritual. Not only do they judge others but also judge everything about themselves. It becomes a pride to declare that they have been seeking for last so many years.

It may sound surprising to many that you are not here for learning but unlearning. The process itself is negative. Knowledge should help you become silent. Should take you into a meditative mode. Should make you hollow and empty. You are knowledge. You have access to what you should know.

The objective of knowledge and meditation is to be here now. To be devoid of any point of view. To be in a state with no aversion and no craving. Knowing what is required will come when the time is appropriate. Fear vanishes with oneness for it can exist only when there are two. Anger disappears as you come to your true nature. Mind dissolves with the big mind and desires no more. Confusion of the right, wrong, good and bad melts as you realise the happening of life rather than doing. Just a feeling of I am. I am the self. Am bliss. Am love. Tranquillity you have been waiting for. What you have been looking around in other people, objects and situation for years and lifetimes comes to an end. That’s being hollow and empty. Seeing what is how it is. That’s pure magic. The nothingness that is. Oneness that is. Fullness that is. Love what is. Just words put to point you to the truth.

Your backyard feels as spiritual as the mountain top meditative experience. Doing the ordinary acts of daily life is as meditative as the best experience you might have ever had. That’s living the ordinary yet spirituality at its peak.

If you are still seeking answers. Know that you are love. That is enough.


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