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Only Self is

Only Self is. In different forms playing and witnessing life. You just exist as an idea of yourself. But you are so caught up in your idea and beliefs that you don’t question the obvious.

No matter how intelligent the person is one prefers to remain ignorant. Spirituality is an add on. For some it’s a recognition of spiritual person while for others a support to fall in difficult times and drifting when things get easy while for others a way to fulfil the desires of the mind. So, life goes on. How many people really have the quest for the truth? To dissolve in the unknown. To fall in the lap of grace. To no more be who they think they are. Very few. True, who would like to dissolve. But what really gets dissolved? The ignorance. The mind with all the aversion and craving. The mind which judges itself and the other. The mind which allows only glimpses of your true being with each desire fulfilled and keeps the race on indefinitely.

This is more like wanting to experience the drops of the rain falling in the open sky and the wet grass beneath while being cuddled in their bedroom with their beloved and watching TV. That’s the plight today. If only one surrendered the mind and witnessed the world as a miracle.

What prevents you from truly being who you are?

Just wondering.


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