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Intelligence of The Body.

Living a life through other people point of views and judgement of yourself often leads to suppression of emotions which comes to light in the form of physical symptom.All the capabilities and resources that we need for health and balance can be found within the body itself. The tendency of the body to repair itself and find balance is natural and innate. But how do we generally address our symptoms?

Headache – What’s the next thing that we do when we have a headache – pop a pill? Isn’t that just cutting of the very communication line itself? Guess that’s what we have been entrained to do or are you just too much in rush for time to listen to your body itself. Maybe the body is telling you that the very project that you have been planning to undertake isn’t in your best interest or its just hungry and that’s the body’s top priority. Next time when you have an ache try asking your body What would it take for the pain to ease? And then watch for the subtle messages the body sends. Love your body the way you have never ever loved anyone.

Frozen shoulder – Just like the games that we played when we were kids “freeze” and then again moved on in life. Situations do come up in life when we are in severe dilemma a combination of fear and indecision to move on in life and a part of us just freezes. The challenge has long solved itself and the play has moved on but the stress still lingers in the system. It’s now just waiting to come back to its original health but lacks resources to do so. Resources could be internal or external and the body holds no point of view on this. Would you still want yourself to be subjected to the twists to get the shoulder to be happily in motion? Choice.

Kidney stones – Why is your kidney not filtering out the waste? What is it holding on to? Have you been holding anger? Are these then signs of repressed anger. Why have you chosen to harm your own body? I have come across cases where the number of stones were the same as the people they were holding their emotions against. Unresolved emotions tend to increase the stone size and frequency of occurrence. Accepting the situation, forgiving the person and moving on in life or changing the situation could be yet another choice.


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