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Experience the high. The inner way

Experiencing a temporary high using any chemical outside of us is just a roller coaster ride which leads nowhere. It can just make you an addict to whatever is giving you that high.

What happens when you get a high? Why do you like it? What are you trying to escape? Is it possible to stay high all the time without using anything outside of us? Some questions few people ask of themselves. It seems so true to live the way people around us live. We keep buying lies all the time
from just about anywhere. Whether it’s the newsprint or the media or just people. It’s best to question our own being and wait for the answer to spring up.

Well, the temporary high is just the chemical change happening in the body giving you a glimpse of the no mind. This is more of an escape and we all know what happens when it starts to fade away.

All humans are born with a quest for love. Instead of pursuing this, sometimes the person decides his quest is over with what he has found outside of him. Having stopped halfway, he feels empty and thus the need to fill the void. It’s just that he is now caught up the mind way into believing the taste of nothingness lies outside of him.

The mind is certainly not your enemy. It is your friend and wants you to experience the highest but is just playing mischief.

The impressions of the past experiences and the lies that you bought can be wiped to experience the taste of your own being. Yoga, Pranayama & Meditation is the way.


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