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End of the mind

When the mind no more comes up with the right, wrong, good and bad concept anymore. It no more is your master. It knows the master has arrived. It has served its purpose to bringing you here now. It has become silent. All the years of running to fulfil the mind desires has come to an end. The worry of the future has disappeared. Just being here now is new. Days, months and years of watching the mind. Watching it go layer by layer playing all kinds of mischief there could possibly be. But glad that it all came to light and no more anything hidden.

You have finally transcended the mind. The mind now is in your command. It now obeys. It no more questions nor resists you. No more you nor the other yet that exists. No more the future nor the past yet that too exists. The form and then the formless, the time and the timelessness and now the blend of two. The non-doer ship yet the doing, desiring nothing anymore yet working with absolute passion, being simply awareness yet embodied in every cell of the body. From a somebody to nobody to everybody and everything. It’s all a game now, a game where you witness the play and yet play. This is a possibility for all to experience. Moving from the noise, the inner dialogue, the conditioned mind to being the awareness, the infinite being that you truly are. You are now free to do what you truly desire. This is freedom. Freedom you always pursued.

The path is unique for all. It can either be gradual or a sudden happening. Whichever way, path worth pursuing in a human form. For only in a human form does the possibility exist. A possibility to experience your infinite form.

All you have to do is choose. The mind way or your own way. To be a slave or being a master of your destiny. You have served the mind enough. Choose to be a master now.


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