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Depression to Happiness

Depression has become so common in the world associated with seeking happiness outside of us. The mind is certainly not an enemy and is just reflecting to question and acknowledge our own existence. The outside world is anyways in a constant state of flux and getting attached with it can only bring misery. It’s a place to have fun and celebrate but then you always come back home.

One cannot handle the mind from the level of the mind. It is for this reason that although counselling or psychiatry seems to help in the beginning, it is not able to provide a complete cure in the long term. Just forcing positive thoughts on oneself is not enough and more often than not leads to relapse. Medication like anti-depressants also seem to help in the beginning and eventually make the person dependent on them rather than free him/her from the tendency.

This is where knowing the secret of breath can transform lives. Breathing techniques stabilize our life force and consequently the mind. Also moving from “what about me” to “what can I do” for the betterment of society can really help coming out of depression.


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