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Demystifying High Blood Pressure or Hypertension

High blood pressure: the silent killer afflicting millions

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), “more than 1 in 5 adults worldwide have raised blood pressure – a condition that causes around half of all deaths from stroke and heart disease. Complications from hypertension account for 9.4 million deaths worldwide every year.”

Indeed, raised blood pressure alarmingly afflicts a large populace worldwide. Also called, “The silent killer”, the condition could be present for years without any symptoms, while damaging the blood vessels and the heart. Hypertension needs to be addressed in the right and suitable manner as its uncontrolled rise could lead to serious health problems, including heart diseases and stroke.

Popular high blood pressure myths

One of the main reasons why high blood pressure persists almost life-long in most afflicted individuals is to do with the misconceptions about it that have hardened into people’s mind. The causes of high blood pressure are mistakenly propagated as being located in life-style issues.

This leaves people ignorant and blind to the substratum that actually leads to the development of hypertension. High Blood pressure is nothing but the body’s response to swathes of pent up emotional energy, derived from unresolved emotional conflicts. Unhealthy lifestyle is associated with the unhealthy build-up or reservoir of non-addressed emotions.

The physiological and psychological aspects of hypertension

When an individual confronts a disturbing situation, there transpires a set of automatic and well-defined physiological reactions. Our heart rouses with accelerated beats, rapidly pumping and gushing blood into our arteries. The increased blood rush results in making our arteries narrower, in turn, raising the blood pressure.

While your body reacts to such a situation, there occurs certain corresponding events at the emotional level, which also usually escape our conscious awareness. The situation instantly and automatically triggers feelings such as fear, anger and anxiety, and more disturbing the event, greater the emotional reaction. When this cocktail of emotionsis left unexpressed, over the period of time, they accumulate as layers of energy within the body, impacting it in harmful ways.

When the root cause is not adequately dealt with, as it happens in the traditional line of medical treatments, high blood pressure keeps persisting. Medicines, at best only provide temporary relief, but do not uproot the condition entirely from our body. Hence, symptoms reappear time to time, keeping the afflicted untreated in the ‘real’ way.

Psychological studies support the linkage between high blood pressure and repression of feelings. Many of us, in varying degrees, under the reason of conditioning of ‘good and bad’ and ‘right and wrong’, over time, not only master the art of masking our emotions, but also relentlessly and habitually avoid confronting our adverse life situations. In the more acute cases of emotional suppression, the entrenched pattern of repression could be seen rooted in psychological experiences of childhood. The affected individual, perpetually sitting on the edge of unresolved conflict caused by suppression, unfortunately, is at the risk of developing a host of serious ailments, dominantly driven by hypertension.

Meditation, Stillness Healing & Body awareness

Practice of meditation and stillness healing help an individual to rid themselves of their conflicts embedded in their bodies in powerfully effective ways. Only in states of deep stillness is it possible to release the story. Healing is not just about getting rid of symptoms but supporting and integrating individual wholeness. Stillness healing gently guides and supports the expression of health thereby facilitating individual wholeness.

“Releasing the story and coming to ease was such a wonder. The feeling so calm and being able to be with the self. No more ever running away feeling. The feeling dawned for the first time. Bewildered was I for what I had been indulging myself in”. How one described the feeling after the stillness healing session.

Let’s not scorn the symptoms
let’s befriend them instead
They’re the bridge
between consciousness and
body’s Intelligent spring of wellness
waiting to be tapped to heal
They’re the alarm bells
waking us up,
compelling us re-think
to adopt new paths to tread
For succour
For flowering in our way

When an individual realizes their condition through the awareness of symptoms, they are awarded an opportunity to understand the connection between the repressed feelings and high blood pressure – provided that they are guided to see them and understand them in the right way with the help of an expert.

As the individual allows themselves to peek into their own body, they realize, in the state of stillness, that their ignoring of symptoms amounts to ignoring body’s own intelligent mechanisms of healing. But, as they begin to get in touch with their body in a deeper way, they begin to see the ‘truth’ of their affliction. In this beautiful journey, new understanding unfolds as the sufferer now begins to communicate with his or her own body, acknowledges the repressed emotions stored in the body and thereby causing release to happen.


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