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Body mind hardware software system

It is always a joyful moment when a new born arrives. Innocent, smiling and open to a whole new world of experience. The body is new and the mind fresh with a purpose to attain the highest knowledge and be an instrument of the divine.

Files are downloaded in the fresh mind with passing years thereby adjusting in the new reality. How much of that is true remains a question. The person now starts to look at the world with preconceived notions of right, wrong, good & bad. Various emotions start to surface as distortions of love which is quite fine but the idea of being good and right or trying to please the other leads to suppressing these emotions and not being their own self.

We are so careful with own mobile phones that we ensure clean-up of various obsolete or memory files, take enough precautions not to download from unknown sources and have a security scan done. And yes, above all ensure battery charge up and connectivity to the network all times. Why is that we show neglect when it comes to own mind body system?

Meditation is your clean-up for your mind to stay fresh and clean, ensuring not to absorb unwanted knowledge or emotion is not downloading from unknown sources and self-awareness your constant security scan. Its best to stay charged and connected to the ultimate knowledge rather than feeling low and connecting to the ignorance around. The network of knowledge is always on and it’s just a question of aligning our priority.

Let’s look at some of the symptoms arising out of suppression of emotions to stay so called normal or please the other. Question yourself and see if it resonates with your being.

Asthma – Are you having difficulty giving back?

High Blood pressure – Prepared and determined for action but never confronting the person? Is the undischarged stored energy keeping you at the edge of conflict?

Varicose veins – Are you having issues with facing people who upset you?

Migraine – Inability to loosen up and let emotions surface?

Hyperthyroidism – Issues with expressing with the right person at the right time?

Diabetes – Are you depriving or longing yourself of love (sweet)? How has been your relationship with the male model in the family?

Gallbladder stones – Suppressed aggressiveness? What stops you from sorting out the causes?

Kidney stones – Stuck to old belief? Suppressed anger?

Tinnitus – Why are you refusing to listen to your inner voice?

Sinusitis – Against whom are you holding this irritation?

Cancer – Extreme case of repression?

Some of the physical symptoms that we see around us are either labelled old age diseases while others hereditary. I wonder!


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