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Taste of beingness

All your life you have been seeking you. Though in others. Experience the glimpse of your beingness and let go of your worries. Be here now. Are you allowing the universe to gift to you?

Re Create your life

Spiritual practices make you energetic and empowers you to do more in less time. Relaxes you while making you focused here now. People still grumble about lack of time for meditation. How many lies, limiting beliefs have you adopted that prevent you from being the gift? In how many areas of your life do you stop yourself from being the you that you really are? Are you now willing to create a life that you truly desire?

Foundation of being you

Participants are taught various levels of yoga along with tools to release repressed energy and strengthen body mind system. This marks the journey from being right and good to the space which is beyond that. Many today are trying to be normal not realizing that the difference of them is the gift they truly are.

Money workshop

What is money to you? Everyone has point of views about money. Many reject it energetically while pursue externally to the extent of ruining their health and relationships. An absolute different take on money. Would you be willing to be and receive?

Relationship redefined

Is it possible to have a joyful relationship with the other? Why does it start off well but tends to fade away in time to come? What Is love? Is relationship really for you? Why would you like to get into a relationship in the first place? What is it that you seek? How can you achieve what really is outside you? Explore.

Freedom from co-dependency

One likes to control while the other loves to be controlled. Abused. Traumatized. Put down. Shamed. Put into wrongness of themselves. The cycle goes on. Leave one relationship and you are ready to attract similar energy again. It continues for years if not lifetimes. Both are traumatized. Both love each other. Just the definitions are different. Would you like to move on and begin a new journey? A journey which will empower you to be truly you. What can you be today that you have never been before?

Discover your true flavour

Its “normal” to copy the other. Everyone does so. It is easy. You have been trained to do so. Trained to abide. Abide by the rules. The rules of right, wrong, good and bad. Now it is safe. You will not revolt. That is how the whole society works. What wrongness have you bought of yourself that you are not willing to be who you truly are? Each person is unique and so is their path. Some pursue meditation while in reality are actually suppressing their emotions trying to be like their master. The master brings to light your own awareness. Learn to trust your own awareness.

Manifesting what you truly desire

You can keep chasing what you want or manifest your intention with the powers already vested with you. What do you choose? Would you like to get a breakthrough and move into a world of possibilities? You miss the miracles and possibilities around you when you are not in receiving mode and then wonder why you seem to never actualize what you truly desire?

Spirituality for the advance seekers

Lot of seekers are stuck to the path. That becomes their identity. Now, instead of freedom, it is bondage of another level. We like to belong. Belong to a particular club, group, organization, caste, religion or whatever and that becomes our identity. Limited identity but the ego loves to belong. It feels safe. Mind projects death otherwise. It would like you to hold on. What dies anyways? The mind itself. Be free. Would you like to get a breakthrough and move into a world of possibilities?



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