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Ananta: Being aware of your true nature.

The moment when, for the first time, you experience thoughtlessness can either be just a passing experience or a turning point in life. The mind has stopped. The water is clear now. You can see your reflection and know who you truly are. You rejoice in your own nature. Stillness. That is what you are. That’s your real identity. Your original nature. Just that you have forgotten. Once you experience, you would like to again dip in that stillness because your soul loves it. You love it. That’s the whole journey. The journey of human life. The mind, however, plays the merry go round game and takes you towards unending desires where, with every fulfilment, you experience momentary stillness which is termed as happiness. The whole world is chasing that momentary happiness. The wise realize that as their very nature while the ignorant are caught up in the endless race.

People even love the other to fulfil their own desires. Non fulfilment is then later termed as heart break. How can love break your heart? Love is who you are. The whole universe is.

The universe loves you. The sun, moon, sky, birds, trees, the whole nature is trying to make you happy. Reminding you of your original nature. You are just caught up in the mind. Craving, aversions, fears, anxieties and worries. Trying to reach a place where you could possibly be secure. You are being taken for a ride but you love the ride. Everyone else is doing it too.

What holds you from experiencing happiness and love? Your own mind and yet you encourage it’s activities all the time thinking it’s your friend. How would you even know it’s not? It speaks the language of I. And you get caught up in I. Moving from I to I am is the journey very few among the millions travel.

Are you one of those who can listen to your own awareness? Your awareness is aware for only awareness is. What are you aware of? Your original nature, Ananta, or your limited body consciousness?


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