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Access granted – The narcissistic parent

We choose our life. It sometimes might look weird but after all that’s how we designed our life. Let’s explore this one aspect of choosing narcissistic parent in our life more as a game.

Your brain gets hacked while you were still a small kid. In exchange of your unconditional love and trust, fear and wrongness bugs get coded. You, the infinite being, then start to seek approval and appreciation from the hacker, the narcissist in your life.

The game now continues with the narcissist in control of your life. You are bound by the person to whom you showered your deepest love. The tragedy now is you love a person who has no feelings of love. He is just too much in the head. He just shows he knows what love is but inside he smiles at you and labels you as an emotional fool. You operate in the world just as a remote functioned toy while the main controller of your life enjoys the fruit of his hacking. Probably the only hacking which is openly acceptable and very legal. Can you break the code and be free? What has defined the right, wrong, good and bad in your life?  How can you be the real you without any concepts that define you?

This abuse has been so acceptable that people all around keep seeking approval of their own life and yet no one really finds the situation pitiable. It’s your life. You have to choose. Yes, initially it might seem as if you are going against yourself. The bugs are placed deep inside and are covered with layers defying your own intelligence and approval of the other. Voice of wrongness and the fears associated will start their inner head commentary. Thus, people choose to obey. That’s how conditioning works. It seems sane. It’s how everyone around is. Seeking love and approval from the other and dedicating their own life to keep the narcissist in their life happy. Suppressing their unique beingness leading to various physical symptoms. This body mind which could otherwise be used for attaining higher states of consciousness.

Wake up. Take charge of your life. Yes, the journey can be long but it’s worth every single moment. All you have to do is to choose. Break the RWGB code. Be you.

It’s another matter that the narcissist is also a victim and deep inside crying for help. How can you help unless you are yourself stuck? The narcissist chose to move from the heart to the head and project a false image, an image of bloated ego. While you were genuinely seeking love and approval, the other suppressed their fear to project an image of all knowingness. The story remains the same. Seeking the other. The fear of the unknown. The answer is only in realising one’s own reality, the love, the joy, the oneness, the nothingness that is.


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