He has transformed many lives and brought smiles to many more. This, He says, is just the beginning. We feel fortunate to have Him as our guiding light. Our Guru. His story inspires us to be on this beautiful journey. Story that of single pointed focus, absolute surrender and profound devotion.

By education, He is an electronics engineer with a management program from IIM (B). Although, being in midst of people and working on successful assignments, He could never adjust in this reality of life and always felt different with a deep yearning for something not knowing what. One day, understanding the futility of this transitory world, He left the past behind to seek deeper meaning of life. Dedicated sadhana, sewa and satsang soon led to self realization. Next few years were more of meditation and maturing of self.

He, now, engages in nourishing lives of individuals with wellness values, empowering people and facilitating seekers reach their true potential. His work is inspired by a benevolent intent to help people find true joy and fulfilment – that he has discovered from his life journey in the quest for truth, wellness, happiness and growth.

Team Anantas