Swami Arvind facilitates people to be who they truly are with his simple yet powerful tools.

Though unique, people tend to look and live life like everyone around. They tend to buy other’s point of views & put themselves in wrongness. Loosing in touch with their own beingness, they stop believing in the magic of beingness and miracles that everyday life offers and see life through the mind which is just an accumulation of point of views.  

What if you started to believe in magic and miracles? Well, its sounds easy but deep inside you have rejected this very reality of life that the whole universe is just pure energy. That the universe loves you. That you just need to ask and be willing to receive. That life is easy.

About him, he could never adjust in this reality of life and always felt different with a deep yearning for something not knowing what. Much before he realized what he really wanted to do with this life, he had geared up for the mission seeking happiness and success externally like everybody around. Thus, began the treadmill run for that perfect partner, supporting family, successful business and endless to do bucket list.

Going against his very nature, he believed life to be tough and that’s how it showed up. Multiple health issues forced him to leave the past and relook at life all over again and thus began the undoing of point of views. Days, weeks, months and years of questioning, search and practices from various schools led to life becoming ease and joy. 

He then started to help people who came to him in search of some guidance for their lives and took them on a journey to transcend their wrongness. He has now designed specific programs for betterment of people and organizations. These unlearn workshops shed layers of conditioning for space to show up so they could choose a different reality. His programs have caused life altering transformations within people. The programs flow with the energy of the participants and are not fixed format driven. 

By education, he is an electronics engineer with management program from IIM (Bangalore) and has more than two decades of corporate experience.



The art of being you

Choice. Consciousness. Change. create.

Unblock and unlock your unrealized potential.

Happy culture program

Happy Culture is all about radical transformations; of perceiving business and employees in a more humane way in order to enhance happiness factor at work which inevitably enhances productivity and profits.

Money workshop

Money is perceived differently by different people. What is money? Money is never the problem. Point of view definitely is. A workshop which opens up a different perspective about what is most sought after. An eye opener workshop.

Manifesting what you truly desire

You can keep chasing what you want or manifest your intention with the powers already vested with you. What do you choose? Would you like to get a breakthrough and move into a world of possibilities?

Relationship redefined

Is it possible to have a joyful relationship with the other? Why does it start off well but tends to fade away in time to come? What Is love? Is relationship really for you?

Discover your true flavour

Its “normal” to copy the other. Everyone does so. It is easy. You have been trained to do so. Trained to abide. Abide by the rules. The rules of right, wrong, good and bad. What wrongness have you bought of yourself that you are not willing to be who you truly are? 

Body communication

Your body knows the answer. It yearns to come back to its original health. Trusting the body is the key. Communication with the body is an art. The manifestation of disease symptoms is part of the intelligent response of the body. Obsession to fight the disease and eliminate symptoms without understanding the root cause reveals a basic mistrust of that intelligence.  

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Our happy human looking friends

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We just look alike but are not the same. Many of you possess special abilities but are caught up in wrongness of yourselves. You tend to choose the hard way of life but what you should be following is energy which is ease and fun. Unlearn the wrongness of yourselves to be who you truly are for what you are meant to do on this planet has to be the easiest thing to do. Agree? 


Coming out of wrongness of myself after decades was so refreshing. I finally could choose what I liked to do. And yes, the money workshop was very enlightening.


We, as an organization, could have never thought of possibilities which showed up post the program. Money workshop was an eye opener.


Finally was able to learn what my body was communicating  for more than two decades. Well, actually it had stated to scream but had no clue of body communication. Wish all do this program.  

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