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Ananta: Being aware of your true nature.

The moment when, for the first time, you experience thoughtlessness can either be just a passing experience or a turning point in life. The mind has stopped. The water is clear now. You can see your reflection and know who you truly are. You rejoice in your own nature. Stillness. That is what you are. …

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Thyroid disorders – When your ‘voice’ stays trapped

Thyroid, small but extremely significant Thyroid disorders are common across the world and various studies project that about 42 million people in India suffer from thyroid disorders. Butterfly in shape and weighing barely between 20 and 30 grams, the thyroid is a small but extremely significant iodine-rich hormone-secreting gland of our body. The thyroid hormones …

Body mind hardware software system

It is always a joyful moment when a new born arrives. Innocent, smiling and open to a whole new world of experience. The body is new and the mind fresh with a purpose to attain the highest knowledge and be an instrument of the divine. Files are downloaded in the fresh mind with passing years …

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The joy of togetherness.

Many of us create a relationship to fulfil our needs and desires through the other. The very foundation being built on the feeling of “am incomplete”. This can at best be described as an arrangement of seeking oneself in the other. If you are bored with yourself, how long can you be happy with the …



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Years of tapasya came to an end on meeting him. My life has completely transformed. Multiple health issues which I was suffering from 2 decades reversed, relationships improved and happiness has become a way of life.

Years of arthritis and severe vata doshas disappeared just in his presence. I had cold water shower and slept on bare floor and nothing affected me. My relationships have improved and so has my business. In gratitude.

Meeting him was the happiest day of my life. Years of wrongness and guilt had led to absolute confusion and indecision. Life is beautiful now. Thank you

The word problem has  disappeared from my dictionary and just see that as situation. Meeting him was a U turn in my life. I have never been happier. In gratitude.

Just one meeting with him and life started to change. Body rashes and pains which were bothering me for 3 years disappeared. Psoriasis for which I had tried all kind of medication started to just fade away. In gratitude.

Being in his presence and my body pains started to disappear. I used to literally cry in pain earlier and now am so happy. In gratitude.

I was suffering from so much guilt that I had decided to commit suicide. I received one remote session from him which changed my life. That thought has never ever come. Thank you.

I was suffering from high fever, high BP, cervical slip disc and sever pain in left arm and all of that became normal with one remote session. Not only that, my relationships have also improved and am so happy that I feel like dancing. Thank you.

Business issue and personal relationships have improved by being in his presence. I was surprised all this happening in lockdown time. Thank you.